Cost rules allow for the assignment of costs for issues related a selected step.  These costs can in turn be associated with process rules to simulate cost savings of compliance, performance or automation initiatives.   Cost rules are accessed by the Cost Rules action bar icon :



To define a cost rule, right mouse a step and select ‘Process Rules…’.  A model dialog will then appear;



  1. Rule: Enter the name, or description of the rule
  2. Variants: Select which variants the rule applies to.  The options are ‘All Variants’, ‘Selected Variants’ or ‘Sliced Variants’.   Selected Variants are the variants currently shown in the explorer, Sliced Variants are all the variants currently sliced (if slicers have been applied’
  3. Issues/Tasks: Select which issues the rule applies to.  The options are ‘All’ and ‘Filtered’.  If any filters are currently active, the default is ‘Filtered’
  4. Type:  Costs can be based on the actual event (Total) or the cost per day, hour or minute.    The costs can also be related to costs associated with a Task or Event attribute
  5. Actual cost per x/Total Cost: Enter the cost which relates to the type of cost