A Data Model created Workflow Analyticsconsists of one or more ‘Activities’.    An activity is a type of event.

Examples of activities in Service Management include;

  • The assignment group or state of an incident changing during the resolution of an incident
  • The SLA status of a task moving from in progress to breached
  • A change been marked as completed
  • The priority of an incident changing from Medium to High
  • Escalation of a task
  • Notifications
  • Journal entries
  • Approvals


Note: The current version of the Workflow Analytics supports ‘Audit Workflow’ events e.g. tracking all status changes or changes in assignee or assignment groups.  Future versions will support additional types of activities


To create an Activity, select the ‘Activities’ option in the app menu.  Enter the name of the Activity e.g. Incidents – Status and then select the field corresponding to the activity you want to track e.g. Status