Slicers allows display of only variants that meet certain criteria.   For example, only variants containing a certain activity may be selected or 1 or more specific steps.  Slicers are different than filters in that filters apply to the underlying event log and variants are rebuilt after filters are applied.   Slicers simply remove variants from the variant selection mechanism that do not meet the criteria applied

Each slicer has a retention option to include/exclude selected items.  The steps and activities slicers allow for and/or logic to further refine selections


The Step slicer uses the standard grid functionality to allow selection/deselection of 1 or more steps.  Click apply when the required step(s) have been selected




The Activity slicer uses the standard grid functionality to allows selection of 1 or more steps.  .   Click apply when the required activity(s) have been selected



The Path slicer allows steps to be selected based predicate logic.  This is useful in highlighting variants where the step is sequence is known to be non-compliant



The Status tab displays active slicers and allows for slicers to be reset