Loading event logs


Event log data can be loaded by accessing the Event Logs form and clicking the ‘Import Event Log’ button




The ‘Events’ tab of the Process Miner will automatically open and ask you to select the CSV file containing the event log.    Note: to view examples of event logs, right mouse click any of the sample event logs and select ‘Download’.   Once the event log is uploaded a message will display (below) and the ‘NEXT’ button will enable.   Click ‘NEXT’



The Event Log data will be loaded into a grid with a grid below to display the mappings.   The Process Miner will automatically attempt to map default columns such as Task ID/Case ID, Activity, Timestamp and Resource.


Additional columns can be mapped by accessing the column menu.  If a column is mapped, you will also need to specify the data type.    Once the Task, Activity and Timestamp columns are mapped, the ‘GENERATE PROCESS ANALYTICS’ button is enabled.   Clicking this will then reveal the Process Explorer

Column mappings can be reset, saved to a local JSON file or imported from a previously saved local JSON file.