To access the Process Optimizer, either create a model via the Model Wizard, or open Process Models, click the Actions options, and select ‘Process Optimizer’


A dialog will then display listing the progress of counting the underlying events for the issues defined.   Approximately 15,000 issues are processed per minute.




When the event log processing is complete, the component interface of the Metricus Process Optimizer is presented.   This is a highly interactive exploration and simulation experience enabling the optimization of processes.  The different components are outlined below;


Gauges represent metrics associated with the data displayed in current diagram and sliced and/or filtered data

Within the Process Visualizer, you’ll see the Activities and Steps associated with the variants currently selected in the Variant Selector.

The Expansion Panes provide Slicers (to select a sub-set of the data for display), Filters (to filter the underlying event log), Details (to show task and event detail related to selected activities and steps) Model statistics , and a Settings pane to change the look and feel of the diagram.

The Sliding Panel can be used to expand the Expansion Panel panes when required

Quick Links allow ready access to various Expansion Panes as well as activating different analysis modes including Cost, Compliance and Automation

Action Buttons allow navigation through the various analytic options and access to process and cost rules.  These include Variant Lifecycle, Task Lifecycle, Decomposition Tree, Influence Analysis, Insights, Process Rules, Cost Rules and Analytics