The Variants component of the Metricus Process Miner has 3 sections; a grid for variant selection, a graph to enable selection of single variants within the process explorer, and options to be applied to the process explorer for variants selected

Variant selection grid

The Variant Selection Grid allows for the selection of 1 or more variants to be displayed in the Process Explorer.   The default number of variants selected is 10.   The fields available in the Variant Selector are;





A unique indicator for Variants, order by tasks desc i.e. Variant #1 has the most amount of tasks



The # of tasks in a variant


% Total Tasks

The % of total tasks that a variant represents


Avg Duration

The average duration of tasks in a variant, based on the timestamp of the first activity defined and the last activity (calendar time)



Indicates if the variant contains one or more loops i.e. a step that goes back to an activity that had previously occurred



Indicates if the variant has one of more non-compliant steps



Indicates if a variant is fully automated i.e. all steps are flagged as automated


Avg Actual Cost

Displays the average actual cost of a task in the variant, based on costs allocated to steps within the variant


Min Duration

The minimum lifecycle duration of a task within the variant


Max Duration

The maximum lifecycle duration of a task within the variant


Std Deviation

The standard deviation of the duration of tasks in a variant (calendar time).  This can be used to detect unstable variants i.e. variants where some tasks take very little time, and others take an extended amount of time to resolve/close


Avg Target Cost

Displays the average target cost of a task in the variant, based on costs allocated to steps within the variant


Avg Savings

Displays the average saving per tasks, based on the actual and target costs entered


Total Savings

Displays the total saving for all tasks associated with the variant, based on the actual and target costs entered



The # of events in a variant


% Total Events

The % of total events that a variant represents



The number of steps in the variant



The following are capabilities of the variant selection grid:

Select variants

To select variants to display in the Process Explorer, use the standard windows functionality for multi-select within the grid. You can also perform a range selection by click, drag, then release.


Note: The following capabilities are generic across all grids within the Metricus Process Miner


Click the column header to sort by a column.  An arrow will then appear in the column header indicating that the column is sorted as well as the sort direction

Column Menu

The Column Menu drops down from the column header when the menu icon is clicked.  


Default options include:

  • Autosize selected columns or all columns
  • Search a column for specific values
  • Select which columns to display


Context Menu

The context menu is available by right clicking anywhere in the grid.  It enables copying of selected/highlighted cells,  creation of charts from the selected cells, and export of all grid contents to either CSV or XLS.   Note that only displayed columns are exported.  Use the column menu to show additional columns that you may want exported

Variant graph

The Variant Graph will update with the variants selected in the Variant Selection grid.   Clicking a variant in the graph will activate the ‘Variant Select Action’ option currently selected;  Animate highlight the selected variant, Lifecycle to dynamically highlight the selected variant, and Isolate to remove all variants other than the selected variants.    To turn off the selected ‘Variant Select Action’, re-click the selected Variant  in the graph.  The colours used for animation and lifecycle display can be set in the Settings -> Explorer pane



Variant Filter

The Filter options can be used to only view variants that contain Loops, are Compliant or Automated.   Note that these are indeterminate check-boxes.  i.e. if Filter-Loops is unchecked, only variants that do not contain loops will display, if it is checked only variants containing loops will display, if it is neutral   (default), no filter will apply

Variant Highlight

Checking the highlights options will highlight loops with the respective attributes.   The colours used to highlight can be set in the Settings pane